Used Barrels

Barrel Planter


We buy used wine and whiskey barrels year round for the purpose of making planters for the lawn and garden industry. If you have a surplus of older barrels let us fill you in on our current pricing.

Bourbon Barrels – Refills

Used Barrels

Our once used bourbon barrels are freshly emptied barrels that have been aged with bourbon in it for at least four (4) years. These barrels are made from the highest-grade white oak timber and are quarter-sawn with the grain from straight grained timber. Each barrel dumped no more than one (1) month previous to sale and is without any foreign odors. We have three different grades of quality that we can ship. All grades of barrels can be shipped as knockdowns or stand ups.

  • No. 1 Selects
  • No. 2 Selects
  • Distillery Runs

For detailed information about the specific grades listed above please contact us.

Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels

In today’s market used wine barrels are often competing with the once used bourbon barrels for distilling. Distilleries are increasingly coming to terms with using the wine barrel as an alternative to the traditional use of the once used bourbon barrel. Wine barrels are very attractive in terms of price comparison. Our company sources used wine barrels on a global basis. This conveniently allows us to deliver wine barrels to you at viable rates. Wine barrels come in different varieties of sizes and are available in the following:

  • 225 liter barrels
  • 228 liter barrels
  • 300 liter barrels

For detailed information about the specific sizes listed above please contact us.